Tralala Tralala

The recipe is simple: take four girls and three guys, add guitars that only play two chords and a band is born. Brooklyn’s Tralala are not ironic, nor are they aiming for the next revolution of sorts; they are simply the most basic seven-piece you will ever hear and in this case, basic is better. Their name is no accident either; the songs on their self-titled debut are as exuberant and sugary as The Banana Splits theme song they took it from (which unfortunately they do not cover). With a great debt to the Shangri-Las’ brand of tragically delicious girl-group pop and the rawness of ’70s punk that colonised their neighbourhood 30 years back, Tralala have all the right genetic make-up to be anyone’s next favourite band. The set-up for their shows must be quite a sight, as the four girls all handle the vocals while the men provide their soundtrack. On record, this formation opens up four-part harmonies that, while they may not be technically proficient, provide some great pop splendour on top of the speedy guitars and drum attack. And the fact that they throw in a cover of the JAMC’s "Never Understand” makes this record even just that much more charming. (Audika)