The Tragically Hip Announce New Album

The Tragically Hip Announce New Album
Like it or not, no band quite screams Can rock like the Tragically Hip. In fact, with 26 years under their belts, you could go as far as labelling these guys a musical institution in this great land of ours. I mean, think about it: what rural Canadian kegger is complete without at least one track from the Hip, or any dorm-room rager for that matter? However you feel about the band, you have to at least give them some props for sticking it out for this long and that they'll soon have a dozen albums to their name. Yes, that's right. This whole preamble is leading to the announcement that the Tragically Hip have completed their 12th studio album.

On April 7, the band have announced they'll release We Are the Same, the follow-up to their 2006 effort, World Container. It's out via Universal and was produced by veteran boardsman Bob Rock (Metallica, Our Lady Peace) at the band's Bath House studio in Kingston, ON, as well as in Vancouver and - get this - Maui.

According to a post on the band's recently revamped website: "It contains 12 new tracks that range from levity and light to melancholy and anger. We think it has a little bit for everyone and showcases the great range of the band."

You can currently get a taste of We Are the Same on the Hip's site, where you'll find the opening track freely posted for your streaming pleasure. You'll also likely have the chance to check out the band live in the coming months, with word that tour plans are in the works. At this point, the group only one date scheduled for a show in London, ON, on July 23, though.

Here are the tracks included on We Are the Same:

1."Morning Moon"
2. "Honey, Please"
3. "The Last Recluse"
4. "Coffee Girl"
5. "Now The Struggle Has a Name"
6. "The Depression Suite"
7. "The Exact Feeling"
8. "Queen of the Furrows"
9. "Speed River"
10. "Frozen in My Tracks"
11. "Love Is a First"
12. "Country Day"