Toy Selectah Toy Selectah vs. Tzochitl Soundsystem "Ha Guey"

Toy Selectah Toy Selectah vs. Tzochitl Soundsystem 'Ha Guey'
If you were looking for an entry point into the burgeoning electro-cumbia scene, you could do worse than this. The first I'd heard of Toy Selectah was in collaboration with veteran Bristol trip-hoppers Up Bustle And Out on their Mexican Sessions release in 2007, but he's a veteran of the "Hip Hop En Español" movement due to his work with Control Machete.

Over the last couple of years, Toy has perfected his mash-up vision of cumbia (a folkloric rhythm originally from Colombia, but long established in Mexico, Peru, Argentina -€“ see Zizek Collective -€“ and throughout Central America) and other global urban sounds, and spread it to dance floors worldwide. Check out his revisions of Justice, Chromeo, Feist and many more on his recently release MexMore mix to see why he's Mad Decent's latest signing.

Bersa Discos out of San Francisco has just put out their fifth vinyl release, and Toy's rework of Tzochitl Soundsystem's "Ha Guey" is one of its six tracks. With its characteristic accordion/scraper groove anchored by a pounding mid-tempo digital beat, this is a classic party starter, or if you choose to pitch up the BPMs, would certainly work at the peak of the night.

One of the greatest blogs in global dance music, Generation Bass, brings us this freebie. Toy Selectah will be in Toronto on June 5.

Toy Selectah vs. Tzochitl Soundsystem -€“ Ha Guey