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Tough AgeI Get The Feeling Central
I Get The Feeling Central is a deliriously fun romp through layers of delicious scuzz-pop, packed with more sharp hooks than a tackle box. It's a super solid sophomore effort from the Vancouver four-piece, whose '90s slacker throwback tunes manage to sound fresh despite classic college rock influences.
Opener "50 Girls 50," named after and inspired by the classic comic from EC's Weird Science, puts a '50s rock'n'roll melody over thick metallic guitars and splashy tambourine, and it's all over in less than two-and-a-half minutes. It's the blueprint for most of the album, which only has a couple of songs that hit the four-minute mark. Everything gets in and out without taking the time to drag, like the hazy squall of "Warm Hair" and the almost suffocating weirdo paranoia of "New Orleans Square," which takes inspiration from the spot that hosts Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.
They can make the longer ones work, too: the extended dark psychedelia of "Guilt" channels some of Yo La Tengo's coolest moments. The general haze of the production on the record can sometimes make songs sound a bit similar, but each is equipped with enough diverse riffage to stand on its own. This one's worth a listen if you've got an itch for some quality garage rock. (Mint)
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