Tough Age

Denizen Hall, Edmonton AB, October 11

Tough AgeDenizen Hall, Edmonton AB, October 11
A thing to note about Vancouver band Tough Age: once they started their set, they didn't let up for 40 minutes, and it was clear that nobody was interested in having them end their nonstop barrage of loud garage rock prematurely. It was a tight set filled with peppy and powerful numbers, tracks such as "We're Both To Blame" and "Coffin Foam" having the perfect mix of bubblegum and snarl, beefed up in a live setting and played just fast enough for a sense of momentum to be gained, although "Sea Horse" thankfully retained its dreamy surf-pop leanings.

But all good things had to come to an end when Tough Age finished with "The Heart of Juliet Jones," a number frontman Jarrett K. described as "our '50s song" which was enough incentive for audience members to start dancing, getting the chance to shake and shimmy in style while they still could.
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