Touché Amoré Is Survived By

Touché AmoréIs Survived By
To call Touché Amoré a "hardcore" band at this point would be a bit of a stretch — they're only hardcore in spirit and emotional intensity. Those aspects have become increasingly self-reflective, in accordance with the band's growing affinity for screamo and emo influences. Touché Amoré are no longer lambasting hipsters (i.e., "Hipsterectomy"), having instead turned their barrels inward, or outward, to more important targets. The reduced hardcore influence is the only potential fault listeners could find with Is Survived By. However, those that have grown with Touché Amoré will find this their most cohesive effort to date, even if it's far from their "roots." However, remember that roots are a place from which to grow, not get trapped by. While this may not be the same Touché Amoré that released …To the Beat of a Dead Horse, they're doing anything but flogging a carcass with their sound. On Is Survived By, they've outdone themselves. (Deathwish Inc.)