Touch and Go Zine Collection On the Way

<i>Touch and Go</i> Zine Collection On the Way
All you hipsters and Pitchfork groupies may get gooey over anything indie record label Touch and Go Records puts out but don't forget that it was started by a bunch of punks, and real ones at that. The imprint's first release was by super awesome punk'n'rollers the Necros and the label even got into a fight with the Butthole Surfers way back when. Not only that, but the label was really just an offshoot of a fanzine created in Lansing, MI between 1979 and 1983 by Dave Stimson and Meatmen front-man Tesco Vee.

Ensuring such coolness and originality doesn't pass us by, Bazillion Points will compile all 22 of the label's original zine for what it describes as "one loud, fast volume. Touch and Go was what it was - a naughty, irreverent bird walkin' trip thru the punk, hardcore, industrial, and indie of the late '70s and early '80s. And oh what a fun trip it was!"

That's 384 pages of soft-covered fun reading about the legendary acts that shaped punk rock. This, in effect, revives a long-dead, almost mythical magazine for many later generations to enjoy and better understand what early Touch and Go was all about.

The book containing the entire 22-issue run will be released in 2010. No official date has been set.

Thanks to the Daily Swarm for the tip.