Total Chaos Punk Invasion

It’s been a few years, but L.A.’s original retro-second wave punkers are back. After being bounced around labels, they emerge bloodied but unbowed with almost an hour’s worth of ballsy punk rock. They keep the early ’80s hardcore sound and continue to branch out into more rockin’ and melodic territory on several of the songs like "D.U.I.,” "Tomorrow” and "Radio Tokyo.” Maybe the time they spent on the Warped Tour made them the lucrative potential of being more marketable to suburban rebels with deep pockets. The song "Murdered” about teenage punk Brian Deneke, who was murdered by the quarterback at his high school, may inspire some real rage. They also cover Twisted Sister’s "We’re Not Gonna Take It” and the Exploited’s "Sex and Violence.” And in keeping with the Exploited theme, the song "In Unity” sounds an awful lot like "Alternative.” (Dream Catcher)