Total Babes Heydays

Total Babes Heydays
Total Babes are just a bunch of softies. Hidden behind their fast drums, uniform vocals and fuzz guitars are innocent lyrics, and while their debut album found them hiding their teenage lyrics behind their garage rock sound, the band's sophomore album lays it all bare.
Heydays starts with a more sophisticated garage rock sound — more dynamic songs with less fuzz and catchier guitar riffs and synth melodies. "Circling," for example, stands out thanks to its rugged bass, synth space blasts and uptempo drums. The second half of the album has less attitude, exposing the softer side of the band that has come across in the lyrics since its beginning.
"Sunny Side" breaks up the album with a chanting piano-only tune, a stark change to the album but a suitable transition into "Repeat Gold," which features a catchy guitar riff, low and slow vocals, and layers of fingerpicking guitar. It's the folksy touch of these songs that sets the band apart from Cloud Nothings, the band Total Babes founder Jayson Gerycz drums for, and more of them would make Heydays stronger.
Still, if you have a teenage soul full of rebellion and a touch of heartbreak, Heydays should provide comfort. (Wichita)