Tortoise/Red Red Meat Offshoot Loftus Treat Debut Album to Vinyl Reissue

Tortoise/Red Red Meat Offshoot Loftus Treat Debut Album to Vinyl Reissue
Close to 15 years after being issued on CD, the self-titled debut from Chicago post-rock outfit Loftus is being treated to a limited-edition vinyl repress.

A press release from Jealous Butcher Records confirms that they'll be delivering the LP in two separate runs of 250 copies, on clear and maroon vinyl, respectively. The records will be available July 9. The experimental indie-rock album was originally delivered through Perishable Records in 1999.

Loftus came together in Chicago in the late '90s, and the octet included Red Red Meat's Tim Rutili and Ben Massarela — both also from Califone — Tortoise's Bundy K. Brown, and members of Rex. "Co-mingling" during tours between Rex and Red Red Meat led the musicians towards the collaboration, which was improvisational in nature. According to Rutili, Brown would pull band members' names out of a hat and have them start improvising before the rest of the group worked out an arrangement.

The 13-song album was recorded at Ben's truck stop, which Rutili notes was "the filithiest place I've ever been."

He added: "It was a real truck stop: people weighed trucks and cleaned blood out of meat trucks right there."

The vinyl pressing will feature silkscreened jackets, and, like the CD edition, will have "a sandpaper jawbone" affixed to the cover.


1. Raisin
2. Emma's Rubber Leg
3. Haywine
4. Stolen From a Rifle Clean Brothel
5. King Carp in a Dan Ryan Ditch
6. Theme From Loftus Nine
7. Nervous
8. Bell and Hammer
9. Penguin Boy's Love Story
10. When Electricity Goes Out in the Submarine
11. Marlon Perkins
12. Cake
13. Blind