Torrez The Evening Drag

For their second release, this beautifully simplistic-yet-advanced New Hampshire-based hypnotically mellow rural alt-pop group summon even more poltergeists to make frightening moments of mystery into friendly ones. And also this time around they have assimilated a strong sense of shoegazer pop writing, akin to that of Grandaddy, Sparklehorse, A Northern Chorus, and Low but with a penetrating pulse that is somewhat reminiscent of Daniel Lanois's productions, but taken much further by talented Boston-area engineer Pete Weiss. Vocalist Kim Torres adds an intense presence throughout, but one that is welcoming and adds to the late drive home through the woods after being at a drive-in movie feel to this record. The Evening Drag is a perfect musical representation to her lyrics as well, as soul searching and inescapable with fear, anxiety and release. This is the quintessentially healing soundtrack to your most personal moments, be it alone, with your demons or a loved one. (Kimchee)