The Torrent "Life Boat"

The Torrent 'Life Boat'
Beginning today, the Blocks Recording Club has launched what it calls the Building Blocks Digital Singles Club, a regular series where every four weeks the label will be releasing two exclusive tracks from brand new Blocks bands. Sounds pretty sweet, right? In order to get these freebies, all you have to do is join the label's Facebook group, as the password will only be sent to group members.

The first in the series is a new single by Toronto's the Torrent, an electronically-enhanced avant-rock group featuring Mike E.B. of the Hidden Cameras and Cameron Groves. Released ahead of their forthcoming LP, Leonora Moreno, "Life Boat" is a delicious bit of downer pop anchored by a minimal drumbeat, swaying strings, droning electric guitar and lamenting monotone vocals, which united slide somewhere in between one of Stephin Merritt's 69 Love Songs and the solo work of Calvin Johnson and Michael Gira. On the flipside, "Leopold Bloom" is all guitar, channelling the distorted coolness of the Jesus & Mary Chain.

Up next, Blocks has confirmed future singles by Brides, the Pining and PDF. And eventually there'll be a compilation of these tracks released near the end of the year.

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