Toronto's Sound Academy Closing Its Doors for Massive Redesign

Toronto's Sound Academy Closing Its Doors for Massive Redesign
Toronto music venue the Sound Academy will be closing its doors in January to allow for a major overhaul.
A press release from INK Entertainment states that the club and concert hall will undergo a "complete remodel" that includes "major structural work." Upon reopening, the space will still serve as a concert venue, corporate event space and dance club.
Aspects of the makeover include design upgrades like "a fashionable black and gold colour scheme, high-gloss contemporary surfaces, unusual animalistic and vegetal patterns, and subversive graphics." New flooring, a sculpted ceiling and visual art displays will also contribute the building's new look. LED video walls will also be installed to complement an expanded 65-foot stage.
Other upgrades are aimed at improving VIP club experiences, like views of the city skyline, second floor access to an outdoor lounge, new booths, a revamped backstage area and a showpiece central bar underneath an impressive lighting installation.
"The main of objective of the remodel was not only to deliver a visually striking platform for guests and headliners, but to elevate their collective experience to new heights of hedonism," said Alessandro Munge, whose Studio Munge is heading up the redesign.
There are currently no event listings scheduled to take place after January 2.