Toronto's Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre Robbed of "Possibly over $20,000" in Gear

The centre is fundraising to replace stolen musical instruments and equipment
Toronto's Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre Robbed of 'Possibly over $20,000' in Gear
Toronto's Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre (CCAC) is fundraising to replace musical instruments and equipment believed to be stolen following a break-in earlier this week.

As executive director Sarah Patrick told the Toronto Star, organizers were contacted Monday (July 22) about a smashed window and side entrance left ajar at the centre. Upon entering, Patrick found that instruments including guitars, violins and flutes were missing along with a TV screen and sound equipment.

Patrick told the Star that the total value of the items are in the tens of thousands of dollars, "possibly over $20,000." She added that the centre is insured, though was unsure how much would be covered. 

"This is really, really horrible," Patrick told the Star. "We have money problems already, and this just makes it worse."

Speaking with Global News, CCAC assistant director Glen Loucks said, "It's shocking the way they had cleaned this place out because they had obviously taken their time and made several trips even. We're a charity. We provide affordable, sometimes free, music lessons to the community. We've been here 40 years doing that and for people to come in and take our instruments is quite horrendous."

A GoFundMe campaign that had recently launched in support of the centre will now go towards replacing the stolen instruments. As of press time, the fundraiser has surpassed its $20,000 goal. Those looking to donate instruments or recording equipment can contact the centre directly.

The Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre has offered professional, one-on-one music lessons to children across the city that they would otherwise not be able to afford. The centre provides lessons in piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, flute and drums.