Azari & III Announce Self-Titled Debut

Azari & III Announce Self-Titled Debut
Toronto-based house group Azari & III have already taken us by surprise with their blend of Detroit and Chicago influences alongside a love of live instrumentation. Their Into the Night mix pointed to a promising future when it was released last fall, and now we won't have to wait too much longer for them to deliver a follow-up, as the group have announced details for their debut studio album.

 The self-titled release features many songs we've heard before, including the aforementioned "Into the Night" single, but will hopefully work well as a fleshed-out album instead of a scattered collection of singles. That's the cover art above while the tracklisting is available below.

Azari & III will be available on August 1 from Loose Lips Records. Stream the album track "Indigo" below and check out a music video for "Hungry for the Power" at the bottom of the page.

Azari & III:

1. "Into the Night"

2. "Reckless (With Your Love)"

3. "Tunnel Vision"

4. "Indigo"

5. "Lost In Time"

6. "Infiniti"

7. "Change of Heart"

8. "Manhooker"

9. "Undecided"

10. "Hungry for the Power"

11. "Manic"