Toronto Songwriter Corin Raymond Funds New Album with Canadian Tire Money

Toronto Songwriter Corin Raymond Funds New Album with Canadian Tire Money
This just might be one of the most quintessentially Canadian stories we've ever heard. Like so many other indie musicians, Toronto songwriter Corin Raymond recently embarked on a fundraising campaign to pay for his new live album. The twist? He paid for the entire thing with Canadian Tire money.

Raymond has been campaigning to raise Canadian Tire money since January, and he's been collecting it from fans while on tour across the country. Now, the Toronto Star reports that he's raised an incredible $3,297.

He will use to money to pay producer James Paul of the Rogue Studios, who accepts Canadian Tire money at par in exchange for recording time.

"I started doing it because I realized we will always need coffee, or toilet paper, or light bulbs," Paul told the Star.

Raymond has been giving updates of his progress over at He recently wrote, "Funny thing is I still haven't set foot in a Canadian Tire since all this ludicrousness began. I can't remember the last time I was in one."

As for the album itself, Raymond and his band the Sundowners recorded it over two nights at the Tranzac in Toronto. He wrote, "It's a live album featuring songs by artists from across the land -- great songs -- being performed by me and my band the Sundowners. It won't just be a joy to listen to and to hold in your hands, it'll also lead you to writers and performers you haven't discovered yet; it'll be a secret history of Canadian roots music as it thrives and survives right now."

Below, watch Raymond perform his Canadian Tire money anthem "Don't Spend It Honey" while audience members shower him with bills.