Toronto Raptors' Chris Bosh Enters "Unique" Deal with Warner

Toronto Raptors' Chris Bosh Enters "Unique" Deal with Warner
NBA all-star and Toronto Raptors vet Chris Bosh is expanding beyond Bball, entering into a deal with Warner Music Canada, which will see the athlete release both a DVD and CD this fall, as well as his own iPhone app.

On the DVD side of things, the yet-untitled release will be based on "the original comedic characters" Bosh has developed over the past two years, which will be debuted in a series of "hilarious" online video clips. It also includes a tour of Bosh's life in Dallas, "giving fans an insider look at the path that brought him to NBA stardom."

On the CD side, Bosh is releasing a comp of some of favourite tunes, alongside recordings from some hand-picked emerging artists. Right now, dude is looking for unsigned musicians to contribute, so if you are one, click here.

To cut and paste from the PR, Bosh says: "This is exciting. Teaming up with Warner to produce my very own CD and DVD, as well as being the first athlete with their very own iPhone and iPod touch application, are just two more ways for fans to get to know me off the court. Entertaining my fans through the use of technology allows me to continue to try and pioneer the digital space for athletes across the world!" (Bosh's exclamation point, not ours.)

Oh, and that iPhone app; it's "ground-breaking" and allows fans to keep track of Bosh's Twitter feed, watch his latest videos, view his latest pics and keep track of updated game stats throughout the NBA season. You can download it here.

More details of the Chris Bosh DVD and a forthcoming compilation will be released in the coming months.