Toro y Moi Says "We're All a Lil Racist" and People Are Pissed

Toro y Moi Says 'We're All a Lil Racist' and People Are Pissed
When it comes to sharing thoughts on prominent social issues such as racism and prejudice, attempting to do so in 140 characters or less isn't always the best method. That's what Toro y Moi (a.k.a Chaz Bundick) is finding out the hard way following some Twitter musings on racism and violence.

In a series of tweets late yesterday (March 5), Bundick posed the question, "can't we all just be racist together?" before adding "we're all a lil racist. racism isn't the issue. violence is. stop the violence."

He then continued, "i feel like us mixed race ppl have a better view of the world. we never fit in with anyone."

Some followers online felt the artist was mixing up racism with prejudice, while others were less than impressed with Bundick's views, as you can see below.

Bundick has yet to return to Twitter to provide any further response or clarification for his comments.