Torn Apart Ten Songs for the Bleeding Hearts

Ten songs for the Bleeding Hearts is Baltimore band Torn Apart's second full-length, and first for Ferret after a couple of singles and an EP. Displaying a rather unique fascination with the movie Boogie Nights - which is repeatedly sampled - and a striking combination of metal, noise rock, screamo and hardcore, Ten Songs for the Bleeding Hearts should help break Torn Apart to the masses, at least those that like good music. Sounding akin to Willpower-era Today is the Day, coupled with more overtly metal precision, vocals that switch between being screamed and growled and some of the more overtly extreme facets of hardcore, Torn Apart is equally captivating, challenging and brutal. Also included is a wicked cover of the Guns 'n' Roses' "It's So Easy," lending credence to the theory that '80s cock rock is infecting today's music. (Ferret)