Top 5 Music Videos to Get Spooky With This Halloween

Top 5 Music Videos to Get Spooky With This Halloween
Let's face it, as much as we'd all just love to curl up with a horror flick this time of year, there's almost too much going on to consider spending the night on the couch. With Halloween landing on a Monday, there will no doubt be countless costume parties to attend all weekend long, and even terminal shut-ins will be getting up every five minutes to grab a handful of snickers and Kraft caramels for the trick-or-treaters. Instead of getting a gander Nosferatu, the penis-y psychosexual sci-fi nightmare that is the xenomorph from the Alien series, or even Jonathan Landis's extended cut of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," why not grab your freaky fix via these bite-sized, ooky offerings from a handful of contemporary chill-seekers?

Top 5 Music Videos to Get Spooky With This Halloween:

5. Defektors - "Doomsday Girl"

High-octane Vancouver punks Defektors' latest promo blasts by like a long-lost '50s B-movie, with low-budget creatures galore. In it, a knee-socked damsel in distress skitters her way through city streets and forest scenes away from a trio of monsters made up of leaves, shredded newspaper and discarded videotape, respectively. By the time she shacks up in a nearby toolshed, though, the girl flips the script, using an arsenal of home hardware gadgets to get her revenge.

Defektors - Doomsday Girl from Primary Color on Vimeo.

4. Summer Camp - "Down"

There's nothing especially spooky about the "Down" video by London electro duo Summer Camp, but the gif-laden clip does portray a particularly bangin' costume party. Chances are you can watch the short and sweet film, which features a skeleton's game of Twister and some dance floor shenanigans from a guy in some bloodied-up OR scrubs, at least a couple times on your iPhone while you're waiting for the Wolfman to finish up his bathroom break at the house party you're attending.

3. Earl Sweatshirt - "Earl"

Well before Tyler, the Creator barfed up a cockroach and hung himself in the "Yonkers" vid, his fellow Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt freaked us out with his ultra-low budget paean to fucking your mother and sticking a trumpet up her butt. Visually, the Odd Future troupe gross things up as they down shakes made out of cough syrup and unidentified powders and start spitting up blood, shed teeth unnaturally and bleed from their nipples. Considering how high-profile the OFWGKTA crew got this year, their antics seem kind of cartoony these days, but this earlier appearance had us gasping a horrified WTF.

2. Mastodon - "Curl of the Burl"

Metal masters Mastodon's "Curl of the Burl" video is more gloss than grindhouse, but the special-effects-laden stoner clip is no less twisted and uncomfortable. The mini-movie warns that while snorting woodchips will have you spouting a second set of arms, and smoking magic mushrooms out of your ginormous homemade bong will turn you into a beefy lumberjack type, both activities will leave you susceptible to being attacked by a group of short-shorted girls with flame-igniting breasts. It's confusing, to say the least, but perhaps consider this an unintentional PSA to stick with candy this Halloween, kids.

1. Dirty Beaches - "Lone Runner"

Between its clanking, cyclical clap beat, sinisterly sketched guitar squalls and Alex Zhang Hungtai's hellhound-on-his-trail hollering, Dirty Beaches' recent "Lone Runner" single is eerie enough as it is, but the tune's video has us extra creeped out. Whether coolly trying on sunglasses, packing her bags or hovering above a dude with a gaping stomach wound, the video's femme fatale distills the iciness of Michael Rooker in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer for the hipster set.

DIRTY BEACHES /// LONE RUNNER from Kevin Luna on Vimeo.