Top 10 EPs of 2012

Top 10 EPs of 2012
Music's DIY culture only seems to be getting stronger with each passing year, and now that releasing new music is as easy as the click of a button, one-off singles and EPs have become all the more prevalent. Our list of the best EPs from 2012 includes everything from self-released collections made available through Bandcamp and on cassette to studio-polished platters released by prominent labels. Even though album-of-the-year lists tend to get all the attention, some of our favourite music from 2012 is found right here in these EPs.

Top 10 EPs of 2012:

10. Bishop Morocco
Old Boys
(Arts & Crafts)

At this point, '80s revivalism is well-trodden ground, but these six dark, angular post-punk tracks are still a welcome treat. Bishop Morocco wear their Factory Records influences on their sleeve, but when they've got songs as good as the wonderfully wonky title track or the teen movie-ready "A Fine Line," we can forgive them for being a little derivative. (A.H.)

9. Weed
Gun Control
(Green Burrito/Cruising USA)

Released on cassette and 7-inch vinyl, the four songs that make up Vancouver band Weed's Gun Control sound a bit like they were run through a garburator, but the ultra lo-fi sound quality doesn't lessen the impact of the pummelling rhythms or soaring pop-rock melodies. Imagine if Japandroids had recorded their new album on a Fisher Price cassette recorder and you've got some idea what this EP sounds like. (A.H.)

8. Solange

Beyoncé's little sister has always just been thought of as Beyoncé's little sister. Trust, Solange's debut work for Grizzly Bear Chris Taylor's Terrible Records imprint, will hopefully do away with that unfair pigeonholing. Produced by Dev Hynes and packed with sunny yet melancholy compositions, it's the most fully formed Solange material we've heard yet. From the tropical heartbreak hit "Losing You" to stunners like "Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work" and "Lovers in the Parking Lot," this seven-song sampler is proof that there's room for another Knowles in your life. (J.H.)

7. John Frusciante
(Record Collection Music)

While John Frusciante's former Red Hot Chili Peppers bandmates went about promoting their instantly forgettable I'm with You, the guitarist released this supremely fucked-up collection. With jumbled beats, guest MCs and fragmented electronica, this is a far cry from the radio-friendly funk rock that Frusciante was once so closely associated with. We have no clue what was going through his head when he composed this collection, or the follow-up full-length, PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone, and that's a good thing. (A.H.)

6. Pregnancy Scares
Pregnancy Scares

The members of Pregnancy Scares have a stranglehold on Ottawa's incredible punk scene. Between them, there are members of Crusades, the Steve Adamyk Band and Male Nurse, along with the Bruised Tongue imprint and the Ottawa Explosion festival. Even without any of those connections, however, the band would be just as affecting. Just take a look at their self-titled Deranged debut, a blistering six-song 7-inch packed with forward-thinking guitar riffs, a pummelling rhythm section and some throat-destroying shrieks. Now they can add releasing one of the year's best hardcore records to their ridiculous resumes. (J.H.)