Top 10 Canadian Music Videos of 2011

Top 10 Canadian Music Videos of 2011
Week in, week out we're inundated with dozens upon dozens of videos from all over the world. With countless globe-spanning clips vying for our attention, it's easy to forget that some of the greatest vids we see are homegrown. While not all of these were shot in Canada, per se (Handsome Furs video, we're lookin' at you), here are just a few crown jewels of 2011's Cancon crop.

Top 10 Canadian Music Videos of 2011:

10. PS I Love You "Get Over"

There's a whole lot of playfulness to PS I Love You's "Get Over" video. From shooting pool with their buds, to drawing dicks on the guy passed out on the couch, to drinking and dancing on the dance floor, to the snowball fight that caps the clip, the video serves as a sort of Cancon love letter to youth. Bummer the all-nighter turned into a complete and total barfarama, but those PS I Love You dudes do the right thing come morning by fighting off those hangovers with some greasy diner cuisine.

9. Handsome Furs "Serve the People"

There's just something so stately about this clip, delivered by Beijing-based director Han Xia's about her friend Yang, a "shy street cleaner who is into indie music a lot." The humbling clip, scored by the Handsome Furs' uplifting electro-pop anthem, finds the kid going about life as best he can, working day and night to clean the city, while stealing private-time moments picking up CDs and going to shows. Even when Yang gets jumped by a crew mid-clip, he just puts on his headphones post-beating and perseveres. A heartfelt video that reminds that power of music compels us.

8. Drake "Headlines"

On the one hand, there's not much going on in Drake's "Headlines" video besides the OVO sensation hanging with his crew, either on the streets or sucking on cigars at a swank dinner party, but consider how much love the beloved Toronto rapper is giving his hometown in the clip. Throughout the video, Drizzy marvels at T-dot's cityscape, toasts the Jays from the Rogers Centre and hangs hard at the Guild. We don't doubt that dude loves his city, but we're halfway expecting the gloriously shot video to feature a "brought to you by Tourism Toronto" tag by the end of it.

Drake ~ Headlines (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.