Tool Schism/Parabola

Only Tool could get away with releasing two DVDs, separately packaged and sold as full-lengths, with this kind of pitiful lack of content. Each disc features a music video, which, as is the case with all of Tool's visual efforts, are quite astounding to watch, although both have been in rotation on MuchMusic and MTV for quite some time and are readily available online. The commentary tracks are almost unintelligible, due to separate ones being run on either channel simultaneously, and seem to not even really discuss the videos themselves — during Schism, a member of the Jesus Lizard rants about nothing for the duration of the video, completely drowning out what I assume is the director's commentary, which also seems to not really be focused on the content whatsoever. The Lustmord remixes are below par and can't compare with the material on Heresy or his masterpiece The Place Where The Black Stars Hang. A complete waste of money, although the humour of this release is further impressed upon me with every school age goth I encounter with the word "TOOL" proudly displayed across their chest. (Tool Dissectional/Volcano)