Too Close To Touch

Nerve Endings

Too Close To TouchNerve Endings
It may be arguable that the post-hardcore resurgence of the mid 00's has come and gone, but Too Close To Touch breathe new life into a sound that can often sound stale, proving that it's still possible to create dynamic music within the genre. The band aren't as formulaic as their contemporaries, eschewing the clichéd combination of overt aggression paired with sugary sweet pop hooks in favour of focusing their energy almost completely on the latter and using heavier sections as an occasional highlight.
Vocalist Keaton Pierce is front and centre in the mix — as is to be expected with a pop-oriented band — but it doesn't distract the listener from the instrumental arrangement at all. The band effortlessly weave multiple infectious hooks into each of their songs, with "Pretty Little Thing" and "Perfect World" being some of the more prominent examples.
The band also demonstrate a considerable amount of technical ability throughout the record, without seeming overbearing. By employing the occasional tapping lead or reverb-drenched tremolo section, the band add layers to each song, resulting in an overall sound that has enough variation to keep it from sounding tedious but maintains enough pop simplicity to keep it catchy and memorable. (Epitaph)
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