Tony Trischka Territory

Renewed interest in old-timey music has kicked the banjo into overdrive lately. Hardly a trend-rider, the eclectic Tony Trischka has long been an innovator on the banjo and his prolific catalogue attests to his absolute mastery over the instrument. Territory covers a lot of ground, a total of 21 tracks for over an hour’s worth of appreciation for traditional tunes, covers and originals alike. Trischka plays solo, accompanied and together with guest artists like the tireless Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger and Bill Keith. However, it’s the solo material that stimulates the highest appreciation for the instrument in all its glory. From the blues-inspired "Rainbow Yoshi” to his inventive "Hawaii Slide-O,” which incorporates slide to this rare National banjo, and "The Next Big Thing,” Trischka proves he needs no company to draw attention to the instrument. And, although it’s lovely to hear Pete Seeger in action, together with the joys accrued from added instruments (second banjo, fiddle and guitar), it’s Tony’s drop-dead ability to excite the listener with solo runs like his "Brightshade/Carolina Traveller/Casey Jones” medley that define Territory as a must-have. (Smithsonian Folkways)