Tony Dekker

Tony Dekker Sings 10 Years of Zunior

Tony DekkerTony Dekker Sings 10 Years of Zunior
Cover records tend to work best when the material is familiar and the new voice you hear projecting the songs you love is distinctive and authoritative. Zunior is a label, but it's primarily known as Canada's first download-based store to exclusively sell some of this country's best underground indie-rock. As there aren't really crossover hit singles in Zunior's decade-old catalogue, Great Lake Swimmers leader Tony Dekker was (presumably) free to pick which songs to interpret by artists that intrigued him the most without concerning himself with their cultural resonance.

The results are rather stellar, each tune rendered in his winsome tone, whether it's a charming version of Christine Fellows' "Dragonfly," Jennifer Castle's "Way of the Crow" or, most intriguingly, Cadence Weapon's "Do I Miss My Friends?" It's so cool hearing Dekker re-imagine the work of Al Tuck, Jim Guthrie, the Burning Hell, Martin Tielli and Wooden Stars. In his intense manner, Dekker infuses these songs with fresh urgency, his haunting, alien voice(s) and cascading guitar casting other people's words in that unmistakable shadows-in-the-forest spookiness he has mastered oh so well. (Zunior)
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