Tongue Eating Louse Voidwalker

Tongue Eating Louse Voidwalker
One of Ottawa's newest sludge metal acts have released their first full-length record, Voidwalker. While hinting at their capabilities throughout various EP releases, Voidwalker sees Tongue Eating Louse fulfilling the potential of their death, doom and sludge metal vision.
The album consists of three sonically raw and visceral movements. Each is filled with emotional peaks and valleys, while transitioning effortlessly into each other. It gives the music enough time to breathe and evolve; ideas are being created and reimagined in ways that do not sound tired or rushed. For a debut, it is an extremely well thought-out record.
Tongue Eating Louse really shine through in the melodic moments of Voidwalker. While there are an ample amount of heavy riffs, the melodic shoegaze moments on songs like "Alchemy of the Void" and "Shaman of L.O.W." really help to balance and carry this record forward into unsuspecting places.
Voidwalker shows a lot of sophistication for a relatively young band. The kind of craftsmanship and subtle nuance in these songs is something quite rare. It will be interesting to see where the band go next. (Sludgelord Records)