Tom Spacey Mars Is Eden

Tom Spacey is all that and a bag of weed. For the first 22 minutes, the music drones mildly, melding vocals, guitar, drums and Hammond organ to create a fantastic spaced-out landscape. This part of their debut recalls the Verve's first release, A Storm in Heaven. Unfortunately the album should have stopped after "Antares." What remains for the middle is horrid Pink Floyd rock — not the psych-driven Syd Barrett Floyd, either. To continue on their scatterbrained approach, Tom Spacey then adopts a more laid back wall of sound with ambient lettering scribbled on it. Specifically on "The Moors," which is a mellower return to the beginning of Mars Is Eden. Although the listener shouldn't have to edit their album for them, it can be done to make a blissful record. (Noise Factory)