Tom Moulton / Various A Tom Moulton Mix

Tom Moulton needs no introduction to any disco fan. His most important innovation was the creation of the twelve-inch single, which allowed for grooves to be extended and pressed at a louder level — perfect for club play. Beyond that singular technological shift, created for dancers as opposed to listeners, Moulton was gifted with an ear for untangling productions and songs and rearranging them into suites. His work is the logical extension of the symphonic soul of Norman Whitfield, and Gamble and Huff, for whom he created the iconic mix of MFSB’s "Love Is the Message,” featured on this comp. Soul Jazz has done a tremendous job with this package. The liner notes recount all of Moulton’s activities during his peak years, from 1974 to 80 — his technical innovations, his label dealings, his love for deep soul, and his Billboard column promoting disco in its earliest days. Francois Kevorkian, Dimitri from Paris and Danny Krivit all contribute testimonials to his integrity and influence on contemporary mixing techniques. This collection is a top notch set of Philly-style disco soul, leading into more synthesised music at the turn of the ’80s. Favourites? Patti Jo’s Curtis Mayfield cover "Make Me Believe In You,” 11 freakin’ minutes of Eddie Kendricks "Keep On Trucking” and the spacey "Moonboots” by the Orlando Riva Sound. This comp makes you feel good to be alive. (Soul Jazz)