Tom Morello Says There Is No New Rage Against the Machine Album

Tom Morello Says There Is No New Rage Against the Machine Album
If you've been anxiously awaiting the top secret, epically political, world-peace bringing fourth full-length from Rage Against the Machine that you've been daydreaming about since they reformed in 2007, Tom Morello has some bad news for you. In a recent interview with Billboard, Morello made it clear that while he still plans to tour with the band, his priorities lie with his solo project, the Nightwatchman.

"There are no plans for [a new RATM album]," he said. "We've had a wonderful year-and-a-half of playing shows, and I don't see any reason to not play more shows. The thing is there's only so many hours in the musical day, and mine are very occupied right now."

Wait, maybe that means he'll start writing some new scraping guitar solos for the new Rage when Nightwatchman slows down a little, right? Nope. Morello went on to say, "[The Nightwatchman is] my principal musical focus, as I see it, for the remainder of my life. From the earliest days of playing open mic nights at coffee houses, it was apparent to me that this music was as important to me as any music I've ever been involved in. It really encapsulates everything I want to do as an artist."

Oh well. With another Nightwatchman album on the docket, as well as a collaborative project with rapper Boots Riley from the Coup, it sounds like Morello is just too busy for a new Rage album. Maybe that means Zach De La Rocha will finally finish his solo album?

Rage Against the Machine "Testify" (live at Coachella 2007)