Tom Hedrick As If!

People tend not to be ambivalent about artists like They Might Be Giants. They either love or hate their quirkiness and that explains why Tom Hedrick probably won’t ever have anything more than a cult following. The 14 songs that make up his debut solo album, As If! sound like a mix of early They Might Be Giants and the BMX Bandits, yet he doesn’t quite possess the same abilities for balancing out the quirk and non-quirk. Like any quirky performer, Tom Hedrick is best enjoyed in small doses, just to make sure the novelty doesn’t get too grating. And that translates into just a couple of songs with As If! Because the joke wears thin a little too quickly with most tracks. The best song, "Little Saturn” is a clever remake of the surf classic "Little Honda” extolling the virtues of that particular vehicle, but the rest of the album will just illicit the occasional smile and that’s about all. (Independent)