Tom Green & the Keepin' It Real Crew Opera House, Toronto ON - January 27, 2006

If you made it out to Tom Green's mostly sold-out cross-Canada tour hoping to see a dope, well-rehearsed rap show, you were shit out of luck — at least in Toronto, which had the "best crowd of the tour," according to a probably sarcastic Tom Green. Green and his huge on-stage entourage deserved the typical T-Dot reaction of crossed arms and mad faces. The show opened with about 20 minutes of annoying rain and thunder sounds that could have been just another in a long line of practical jokes from Green. Finally, when Green graced the stage and started rapping, he proved he could flow live and rock a beat, even during his crowd-surfing attempts; unfortunately, he completed maybe one song because the rest "embarrassed" him. And he only completed that one song because DJ E-Z Mike, who was a highlight with his DJing and beat boxing, put his foot down. And while Green did perform a portion of each song from Prepare for Impact, he ignored material from his previous albums, Not the Green Tom Show by MC Face and Huh? Stifflenin' Against the Wall by his original group, Organized Rhyme, also cruelly teasing that he was no longer permitted to perform their popular old school jam, "Check the O.R.," which he finally did for an encore. On the other hand, if you were looking for a party, Tom Green and his Keepin' It Real Crew gave the mostly unreceptive crowd plenty of opportunities to go wild. They dressed up as robots for "Technology is Everywhere," threw plastic swords and party hats into the uptight throng, who grabbed them up and quickly ignored them, and poured booze and whip cream into the mouths of stage front fans. However, inviting the females in the audience on stage for his rendition of "Hooters" came off as disorganised and played-out, and at least one girl in the crowd didn't look very happy when one of the many handfuls of whipped cream thrown into the crowd landed in her hair. But, most importantly, where the hell were the promised eggs?