Tom Brosseau Posthumous Success

Despite Tom Brosseau releasing a whopping seven albums in his busy eight-year career, you'd hardly call him a household name. Sure, his records have been pleasant enough, but the Los Angeles-based songwriter has yet to crack that ever-expanding alt folk market. And with his third Fat Cat release, Posthumous Success, that's unlikely to change; Brosseau's vibrato-packing falsetto is just too much of an acquired taste for that. Nevertheless, his latest marks a significant step up for the songwriter. With two producers — Adam Pierce (Mice Parade) and Ethan Rose (Small Sails) — and a large cast of backing players, Brosseau ditches his threadbare voice-and-guitar arrangements of old for some pretty inventive, sonically rich compositions, making especially great use of Pierce's always-stellar drum work and guitar lines that are often more pop than folk. In fact, the entire record falls more on the pop side of the spectrum, with Posthumous Success easily marking Brosseau's most uplifting and downright catchy album. (Fat Cat)