Tokyo Apparently Has the Most Record Stores of Any City in the World

According to VinylHub, the Japanese capital takes the No. 1 spot for having the most record shops while Toronto lands at No. 5
Tokyo Apparently Has the Most Record Stores of Any City in the World
While Discogs is best known by record collectors for providing an endless trove of vinyl-related information, its sister site VinylHub is dedicated to cataloguing the world's brick and mortar record stores. VinylHub has now used its data to reveal which cities have the highest concentration of record stores across the globe.

According to the site's data, Tokyo boasts the highest number of record stores by city with 93 shops, accounting for more than half of Japan's total of 158 catalogued stores. Berlin and London follow closely behind with 87 and 79 stores each, respectively, while Paris claims 66, according to VinylHub's numbers.

Toronto stands fifth as far as cities go with a recorded 49 stores, while Montreal is the next closest Canadian city with 21. The data finds Vancouver featuring 15 different stores in comparison to Ottawa's 14, while Hamilton rounds out the top five Canadian cities with 12 stores. Overall, Canada has 273 record stores, according to the data recorded on VinylHub.

The data also shows that the United States has the most record stores in the world with 1,482, followed by the United Kingdom and Germany with 537 and 453, respectively. The most remote record store in the site's database is found in Nukuʻalofa, Tonga, from which you would need to travel 1,993 kilometres to the next nearest shop.

You can find the full set of data here.

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