Today I Caught The Plague / Arise and Ruin / Straight Reads the Line The Reverb, Toronto ON October 29

Today I Caught The Plague / Arise and Ruin / Straight Reads the LineThe Reverb, Toronto ON October 29
On what was likely the coldest night of October, the Reverb was a heaven of warmth for many hardcore hearts and oh so many sweet 16s, which made for more crossed arms than it did brown bottles. This night was all about Stoney Creek’s Straight Reads the Line and the release of their new disc, The Author, but a couple bands were there to carve out an impression first.

Today I Caught The Plague, hailing from Ottawa, put forth an entertaining set of progressive metal — no not like Dream Theater — that put lead singer Dave Journeaux to the test with an elastic range of highs and a raspy low. Drummer Mike Ieradi proved to be the most vocal between songs and the one who took the conversational responsibility when TICTP had one of their trademark bass malfunctions. They played an entertaining set and got the pit started for the night, which would later prove to be a thorn in the heel of Arise and Ruin.

Guelph’s thrash and burn metal aces A&R came to the Reverb with one goal in mind: destruction. Vocalist Ryan Bauchman may be a tad short but his projection of himself is what makes their music even more imposing. Their brand of thrash-y mosh metal had the slam dancers out in numbers but when he looked to get a big circle pit going heckles were the name of the game leaving Bauchman with one response, "Now I look like an asshole.” Two zone or not they ran the room ragged and were blistering sonically.

When you’re in the city of Toronto starting your set with a question like, "Are the Leafs winning?” will more than likely be futile but Straight Reads the Line’s performance was as intense as was Toronto’s 6-5 win over New Jersey in overtime. SRTL were all over the place, in the best way possible, throwing out metalcore like it was going out of style. The pit was at its most chaotic with floor punches matching drummer Travis Kaszycki’s double kicks and well, there were people doing back flips. The entirety of their sound was spot on and very tight, much like vocalist Black Prince’s shorts when he split the ass of them. SRTL have got the sound and pound that any talented heavy band should.