TM Juke Maps from the Wilderness

Fans of Quantic and Bonobo are about to go ape shit over their new label-mate and they have every reason to for 24-year-old TM Juke will soon be said in the same breath as the mighty aforementioned. The young producer from Brighton has crafted a very mature and gorgeous debut that follows the same route as his fellow Tru Thoughts beat-makers, complete with soulful samples and atmospheric down-tempo rhythms. The influences of funk, soul and hip-hop are apparent when listening to Maps from the Wilderness, especially when reaching cuts such as "Get It Together” with Canadian MCs Bread and Water. The straight-up hip-hop number is reminiscent of early Black Sheep with very calming lyrical skills fitting their way among angelic vocal snippets, chimes and a dose of soft scratches. Then the young man has the ability to change his gears on the very next cut and deliver a slow-paced dream with "Fast Asleep” — a number that could easily be confused with Bonobo with its sexy horns backed by a lazy break beat. Alice Russell’s beautiful lyrical elegance helps boost numbers like "Knee Deep” and "Playground Games” into extremely sultry rhythm and blues that show TM Juke’s production elasticity that covers all sorts of musical moods. With this genre-crossing ability and the simple fact that he creates stunning audible treats, TM Juke will definitely be one to watch very closely in the new year. (Tru Thoughts)