Tiny Shrine Last Best Brewing & Distillery, Calgary AB, January 30

Tiny ShrineLast Best Brewing & Distillery, Calgary AB, January 30
Photo: Chris Gee
Matthew Robinson's Tiny Shrine, from Calgary via San Francisco, jarred the Patio "Albeerta" Stage at Big Winter Classic with their distorted, thundering rock last night (January 30). Strong guitar melodies, an incredibly unified band and layers of reverb captivated the audience.
Robinson, bassist Shane Arr and drummer Jared Andres expertly built up their songs and let them explode at the chorus. Robinson employed a slew of pedals that allowed him to change his guitar's sound, chameleon-like, on a whim. His tortured vocals accentuated the moody tracks, while Arr's heavy bass lines stood out clearly against the group's heavy jams. Tiny Shrine play as a multi-limbed beast, at times gentle but most often walloping the audience with their gigantic sound. While it could do with a wider variety of textures in sound, for now, their live show remains an immense experience.