Tiny Bill Cody Stranger We Have No Leader

The mentally arthritic pains and slow social degenerative diseases that inhabit modern downtown city living are where Hamilton, ON's Tiny Bill Cody (aka Tor Lukasik Foss) draws his influences. His method of adapting his concerns into music are reminiscent of the musical adaptation of Alfred Noye's poem "The Highwayman," but with a country and folk twist. There is only his voice and one guitar, recorded live in an intimate performance. While Cody's observations are brutally honest and cynical, placing his words in context with the contrasting music can, at times, be conceptually downright humorous, with Cody sounding like a slacker bent only on Dylan and absurdist views. If he busks enough under the shadows of those concrete towers, he may very well one day earn enough money to buy that time machine that will transport this modern lone cowboy back to the dusty scorching old west where, ironically, things are (and will always be) the same. (Independent)