The Ting Tings Detail 'Sounds from Nowheresville'

The Ting Tings Detail 'Sounds from Nowheresville'
It's been almost two years since UK dance pop duo the Ting Tings announced they had started working on the follow-up to their smash 2008 debut We Started Nothing and, boy, have their album plans changed since then.

It's just been announced that the record, called Sounds from Nowheresville (not the previously reported Kunst), will drop February 27 in the UK and sometime in early March in North America through Columbia Records/Roc Nation. That's its artwork above.

UPDATE: The album is due out on March 6 in North America.

Band members Katie White and Jules de Martino spent eight months out of their native Manchester recording the ten-song set in Berlin and Mercia, Spain, in order to avoid repeating themselves.

"We didn't want to repeat everything we'd been through in Manchester, working in that environment. So we wanted to find a new challenge, and living in Berlin was a massive challenge: the language barrier, the food, the isolation," de Martino told Spin of the experience.

While early reports insinuated that both Roc Nation head Jay-Z and Rihanna would appear on the album, the band confirm that those were just rumours. Neither artist was ever attached to the album.

"We didn't actually have anything planned," White explained. "People just heard we were signed to Roc Nation and they put two and two together, even though we never had anything in the pipeline."

Also noticeably absent from Sounds from Nowheresville is their glitzy club pop number "Hands," which was originally announced as a single from the record. The group explained that it didn't fit with the ten tracks that make up the album, but hinted that it will pop up as a bonus track sometime in the future. You can check the album tracklisting below.

Sounds from Nowheresville:

1. "Silence"

2. "Hit Me Down Sonny"

3. "Hang It Up"

4. "Give It Back"

5. "Guggenheim"

6. "Soul Killing"

7. "One By One"

8. "Day to Day"

9. "Help"

10. "In Your Life"