Tinchy Stryder "Stryderman"

Tinchy Stryder "Stryderman"
I actually chose Tinchy Stryder because of his name. Before reading his story or even hearing his music, I decided he was fit for today's instalment, and yet, I'm more than satisfied. Even better though is this 21-year-old grime MC/producer's real name: Kwasi Danquah. Just golden.

Now the story.

Tinchy is originally from Ghana and now lives in East London's Tower Hamlets. For real. He was part of a collective called Ruff Sqwad at the age of 13, became a pirate radio DJ at 16 and for the last few years, has worked with obvious influences like Kano and Wiley. He's also signed to a label run by teenagers called Takeover. (Thanks to the Guardian for doing the research!)

Best of all though is his positive outlook and determination to lace his music with a message that can make a difference, which recently included a tour visiting local schools. He told the Guardian: "It's important to show that black males aren't all about looking threatening and robbing your granny. It's not easy growing up in an inner-city area, but I want to show people you can take that experience and turn it into something positive."

Latest single "Stryderman" is a self-assuring anthem that sounds a lot like the John Carpenter soundtracks it's been compared to. The squelching bass oozes out of the speaker much like Justice flexed many times on their record. However, I hear plenty of creepy, wonky synths that sound lifted straight from Escape From New York's wasted landscape. I can only imagine, somewhere right now, Snake Plissken is breakin' to this.