Radio Tisdas Sessions

TinariwenRadio Tisdas Sessions
There is a fascinating through-line between Tinariwen's musical oeuvre and rock and blues music. First released back in 2001, Radio Tisdas Sessions has been reissued digitally and on vinyl, demonstrating once more how ahead of its time the collective has been in melding West African sensibilities with American musical influences. Much like crossover compatriot Ali Farka Touré, Tinariwen has created art from struggle; as appointed Touareg ambassadors, the music speaks to rebellion, cultural pride and nomadic rights.

The band have cited Bob Marley, John Lennon and Bob Dylan among influences, and indeed the remastered tracks preserve and enhance the band's hypnotic electric guitar licks, call and response vocals and undulating rhythms. The album's rawness is demonstrated by standouts "Nar Djenetbouba," "Tessalit" and the live version of "Tin-Essako," which sound as vibrant has they did around the turn of the millennium. This is a most welcome reissue. (Light In The Attic)
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