Tin Star Orphans Yonder

Tin Star OrphansYonder
The first time you listen to the Tin Star Orphans' Yonder, you'll fall in love with its kick-off song, "Juvenile Haul." It's a catchy instrumental tune that paves the way for the rest of the record. The Toronto, ON-based quintet (previously known as Yonder - yep, they named the disc after their old band name) have been compared to everyone from Arcade Fire to Wilco, and considering they've got Dean Marino (producer for Born Ruffians, Ruby Coast, Tokyo Police Club) on lead guitar, it seems this album is destined for acclaim. Yonder has an alt-country, boogie rock feel going on when it comes to songs like "Slack-Jaw," while a romantic aura surrounds acoustic-based tracks like "Wear A Frown" and "Miss You." Oh, and did I mention there are 15 songs of alt-country goodness? If you ask me, these guys are the next NQ Arbuckle. (Sparks)