Time Machine Slow Your Roll

This crew hit the nail on the head when it came time to give themselves a name because Slow Your Roll makes you feel like it’s 1992 all over again. This Washington, DC crew seem to have everything going for them on their debut, from the back-and-forth verbal exchanges between Comel and Jaysonic to the incredibly hot production of Mekalek. This combination connects on almost every track, and each jam has a distinct flavour to it that you really would have a hard time narrowing Time Machine down to a single sound. "Who Needs a Mic?” has a great crashing drum break and trombone that’s tied together with some razor sharp cuts and "Personal Ads” will have you cracking up as ladies leave phone messages about their "double D boobies.” Mekalek goes berserk on "The Mekster” as he completely rips the wax off his records to a massive beat that will make your neighbours call the cops, but the same man is also responsible for so many jazz numbers that give Slow Your Roll that classic feel of dusty grooves you grew up on. This record is quite impressive, especially in the production department, and works as a solid foundation to what will hopefully be an explosive journey for Time Machine. (Glow-in-the-Dark)