Timber (The New Gentleman's Shuffle) Timber (The New Gentleman's Shuffle)

To paraphrase the late, and sometimes great, George Peppard: "I love it when a song comes together,” and thank heavens, many songs come together just perfectly on this debut album from this Montreal, Quebec based threesome. The courageous opener "Bloodhound” lays it all out, squeaking close to greatness through the harmonies between Katie Moore’s lush, rootsy voice and lead man David MacLeod, duelling guitar picking and a lazy, languid pace. Indeed, this entire debut strikes a great mix between frenzy, best found on "Showtune,” and an easy, laidback trot, ably found on "Reckoning.” Purists will probably be put off by the addition of some very subtle electronics and muted trumpets from song to song, but really, Timber (The New Gentleman’s Shuffle) have almost created an offshoot of alt-country that could be labelled indie country. Putting together traditional harmonising and picking sounds with an indie sensibility like in Broken Social Scene, this self-titled debut is, simply very, very good. It may drag later in the second half, but closer "To the Country” ably brings it back to a level of adoration. Despite the unwieldy name, this is an essential record for those who wish their favourite indie rock band would drop the guitars, move to a farm and pick their banjos in the sunset. (Ships at Night)