Timbaland "Know Bout Me" (ft. Jay Z, Drake & James Fauntleroy) (lyric video)

Timbaland 'Know Bout Me' (ft. Jay Z, Drake & James Fauntleroy) (lyric video)
Timbaland is apparently hoping to shed a little more light on himself, having just unveiled all the lyrics behind his "Know 'Bout Me" in a new video.

The clip follows a young hooded woman walking through an abandoned and decrepit building full of discarded dolls and other ephemera, contrasting Timbo's lyrics of a Benz-buying high-life, which are seen bleeding out of locker doors and scratching across dusty floors. Also on display are bars from Drake and a smooth hook from James Fauntleroy on the single's back end. It all caps with a religious experience in a chapel, and you can peep the event down below.

"Know Bout Me" is expected to appear on Timbaland's forthcoming Textbook Timbo LP, whose due date is TBA.