Tim Williams Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Edmonton AB, August 11

Tim WilliamsEdmonton Folk Music Festival, Edmonton AB, August 11
Photo: Dana Zuk
Veteran, award-winning blues guitarist Tim Williams brought his talents to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival yesterday (August 11), putting on an impressive demonstration of masterful guitar playing and showmanship.
With a resonator guitar in hand, Williams' set took off as the bluesman began finger-picking at break neck speeds, further mesmerizing the audience when he used a slide to produce the familiar twang and tones of bluesy roots music. Williams also addressed the audience, sharing stories about his experiences growing up and his early days as a blues artist, giving the performance an intimate feel.

During his set, Williams covered the widely known "Big River" by Johnny Cash, adding his own personal touch to the track. As he tore up and down the neck of his guitar with intricacy and expertise, Williams left festivalgoers with a new appreciation for the blues, ensuring they won't be forgetting Tim Williams anytime soon.