The Tim Version Decline of the Southern Gentleman

It would be easy to say, "this is the best band you’ve never heard of,” because it’s undoubtedly true. I could tell you they’ve toured Europe, Japan (twice), the U.S. (a bunch of times) and have a number of albums already. But, again, that would be too easy. What’s much more difficult is convincing you with words why you should buy this album, because words can’t really describe how fucking awesome this record actually is. Picture HWM with a little more country, or Avail if they were from Florida. Tracks like "Murder” and "Too Many Saturday Nights” could just as easily be sung while hanging low over a bar or by a room full of sweaty kids at some basement show. Russ VanCleave’s vocals are grittier than "Kiss the Bottle”-era Jawbreaker, and as passionate as the earliest Hot Water Music records, while the guitars rock like a mix between the Replacements and the Grabass Charletons. The Tim Version are both literate and guttural, as much calculated musicianship as instinctive rockery. This is a perfect addition to the No Idea catalogue, and it’s definitely a record you should own because it’s better than most of the swill coming out today. (No Idea)