Tim Posgate Horn Band Featuring Howard Johnson Tim Posgate Horn Band Featuring Howard Johnson

The debut full-length recording of Tim Posgate’s Horn Band explores the many possibilities of a three-horn, one-guitar combo in concise but wide-ranging sketches. The rhythms of most songs are comprised of Posgate’s strumming or percussive picking along with guest tuba player Howard Johnson’s bass bounce. Posgate’s writing makes sure that each member of the band plays many roles throughout the disc. The opener, "Hale Bopp,” starts with Posgate’s greasy guitar; this could be a Mexican ranchero tune were it not for the breakdown in the middle. "Quartier St. Roche” features a guitar line out of the Gordon Lightfoot songbook and Quinsin Nachoff’s pretty clarinet. "Martin Martin Martin” is practically a tailgate rhythm, and "”F’ As in Fun” could be the Horn Band version of reggae with a great bass groove… and a banjo. Inevitably, sometimes there seems no need for a guitar among the horns; generally, when the guitar tone neither fiercely contrasts nor compliments the rest of the instruments, it sounds apart from the main action. Elsewhere though, Posgate’s instrument plays well with a staccato saxophone or flute. His lower range strumming also works well with tuba, or with Lina Allemano’s round trumpet tones. Best of all, this disc has the unforced feeling of a bunch of friends getting together to jam. Posgate’s enthusiasm for country and folk music makes sure that the horn band never descends into high-concept pretension. (Guildwood)