Tim McB Figment Bee

Somehow, Tim McCarroll Butler, (a one-man Canuck pop-folk entity of slight quirky weirdness) manages to keep one foot in tradition and another in uncharted territory — but he manages to pull it off rather successfully. His zero-darkness approach is modest and honest, but his efforts spill fascinating results. Steering clear of pub n' grub background muzak, he melds folk and pop with modern fanfares that are smeared with a sense of wonder and innocence that hearkens back to the days of mid-‘60s Cambridge UK, (just when the drugs began but didn't burn oneself out — yet — see: Syd Barrett). One might hear a bit of the Who, the left turn screeches of T. Rex and more inventive than Robyn Hitchcock, and perhaps somewhat dreamier than the sounds of Ron Sexsmith, Tim McB has much to offer, and definitely makes sense in this fast-paced low-shelf-life music world, because he escapes it completely. (Teleharmonic Implosion)