Tim Hecker's 2004 Album 'Mirages' Gets First Vinyl Pressing

Tim Hecker's 2004 Album 'Mirages' Gets First Vinyl Pressing
Not only is Canadian sound shaper Tim Hecker gearing up to release his latest album, Virgins, on October 15, he's also looking to the past with a vinyl pressing of his 2004 album Mirages.

The album originally came out on CD through Alien8 Recordings, but this first-ever vinyl pressing will arrive through Kranky. There won't be any bonus material, since the original 11-song tracklist is preserved. The cuts are long enough that the album is split across two LPs.

A press release calls Mirages "a lesson of darkness, a midnight whisper revealing its true essence to the listener: an ambient-death-metal classic in waiting."

Virgins will arrive on the same day as the Mirages reissue, October 15, through Paper Bag/Kranky.


1. Acephale
2. Neither More Nor Less
3. Aerial Silver
4. Celestina
5. Counter Attack
6. The Truth of Accountants
7. Aerial Light-Pollution Orange
8. Non Mollare
9. Kaito
10. Balkanize-You
11. Incurably Optimistic!